Service center computer 3C

Service center computer 3C

3C Sevices activities to serve clients more quickly and professionally. Care and handling of incidents that occur on devices and equipment systems information technology, systems software applications on a regular basis or as requested by customers.

Help users, organizations and businesses use continuous, efficient equipment information technology, applications software. Minimize loss of customers due to equipment problems and software problems caused.

Objectives, target care

Team building customer support specialist
industry to meet the requirements of customers. Treatment
management problems quickly, minimizing damage
time and money.
Served periodically or on demand for all
customers Individuals, organizations, enterprises …

Computer network design

    * Survey, design intranet
    * Strategic Planning stored data security

Consulting network security solutions

    * Survey, provides network security solutions.


    * Basic Training on IT.
    * Intensive Training on IT.

Repair Service

    * Repair and upgrade computers, peripherals
    * Install software, data recovery

Installation and troubleshooting network

    * Installation of computer network
    * Troubleshooting network.

Maintenance, computer network security

    * Maintain System IT equipment.
    * Privacy

    * Respect for customers
    * Serving fastest
    Create trust with customers
    * Quality, best price


    * Keep the trust with customers
    * Protecting customer interests
    * Serves customers long-term

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