Panasonic UF-5950 Fax Machine

Thông tin chi tiết
 l Features  33600 KBPS Super G3 JBIG Modem (Approx. 3.0 Seconds per Page)*
 50 Page Automatic Document Feeder
 480 Page Standard Memory* Upgradeable to 1,120 Pages*
 2.8 Second Per Page Quick Scan into Multi Tasking Memory*
 132 Speed Dial Numbers (32 One Touch / 100 Two Touch) (4 Groups)
 Intelligent Redial (Up to 5 Files), Distinctive Ring Detection
 Directory Search Dialing, Fax Forwarding, Fax/Tel Switch and TAM Interface
 Confidential Mail Box, Department Codes and Pin Code Access
 Delayed, Memory, Deferred, Broadcast, Priority and Batch Transmission
 Automatic Cover Sheet, Collation Stack and QWERTY Key Pad
 250 Sheet Paper Supply Upgradeable To 500 Sheets (2 Trays)
 Reduced Image Confirmation, Instant Dial and Verification Stamp
 64 Level Halftones/Gray Scale
 Reverse Order Collated Printing @ 6.5 PPM (Additional Memory Required)*
 400 DPI Copier @ 6.5 CPM (1 to 99 Sorted Copies With Zoom 70% to 100%)*
 600 DPI PC Printer @ 6.5 PPM*
 400 DPI PC Scanner @ 2.8 SPP (Twain Compatible)*
 Dimensions (H x W x D): 9.8″ x 14.6″ x 18.7″ (20.0 Lbs.)
 Warranty  12 Month Full Exchange/Replacement